Veterans make up one percent of our population, but we owe them 100 percent of our freedoms. Tim is proud to come from a family of veterans and service. His dad was a Marine who served in the Pacific during World War II, and his uncle died fighting the Nazis in France. The most important thing we can do as a nation is to honor our veterans and make sure they get the care they need and deserve.

It's unacceptable that our veterans have to drive three hours to Johnson City to get to the nearest VA hospital, and even there, the care is suspect. After the VA scandal, Congress passed new reforms, but the Veterans Administration still has too much control over our veterans' care, and veterans are still hamstrung by red tape and bureaucracy. Vets should have the choice to get care wherever they choose.

Tim has worked to support veterans throughout his time in office and is committed to continuing his work as congressman. As mayor, he expanded services for veterans and launched an initiative to better serve veterans suffering from combat-related issues, including PTSD. Tim also spearheaded Wreaths Across America, which raises money to honor veterans' cemeteries in Knox County.

Health Care

Health care in this country is a disaster, plain and simple. Congress promised to repeal Obamacare and replace it with a system that actually lowers prices and increases access to care, but the politicians in Washington can't seem to find their tail between their legs. It's time for Congress to follow through and enact commonsense free-market policies. Let's allow folks to buy health insurance from any provider in any state they want. Let's get rid of the mandates and coverage requirements that drive up prices. Let's encourage individual marketplaces so individuals can purchase insurance on their own. And let's get rid of the monopolies. Congress is very good at talking, but there's too much talk, and not enough action.

Energy Independence and National Security

Energy is an economic issue, a jobs issue, and a national security issue. We are blessed with an abundance of natural resources that can provide our own people with cheap energy, create jobs, and protect our country. Instead of sending billions of dollars overseas to our enemies, let's invest in domestic resources like Oak Ridge National Laboratory right here in our backyard. Let's lift the restrictions on off shore drilling so Americans can enjoy the jobs and the energy right here at home.


Tim is proudly pro-life and earned a 100 percent rating with Tennessee Right to Life. In the state legislature, he sponsored legislation to amend the state constitution to protect unborn life. As your next congressman, he will defend life and make sure your taxpayer dollars are not used to support abortions.


Tim is a gun owner with a handgun carry permit. In the state legislature, he sponsored legislation to expand gun rights, including co-sponsoring legislation eliminating political patronage in the permitting process and protecting lawful carry permit holders' right to carry legally in the state. As a lifetime NRA member, you can count on Tim to protect our Second Amendment Rights.


As mayor, Tim has welcomed new immigrants to our country at local naturalization services because he recognizes that we are a country of immigrants. But Tim is also a firm believer in the rule of law and has worked to crack down on illegal immigration throughout his career. In the state legislature, Tim sponsored legislation to impose penalties on people who transport illegal immigrants in Tennessee.

Tim believes it's high time we enforce our laws on our books and build a wall along our southern border. Immigration is both an economic and a national security issues, and we need to know who is coming into and leaving our country.

Taxes and Spending

Our federal government already taxes and spends too much. The last thing we need to do is raise more taxes and spend more of America's hard-earned money. Tim supports a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution that will force the big spenders in Washington to live within their means and make it harder for them to raise taxes. We need to root out the waste and corruption that allows the special-interest to secure wasteful projects and programs on the backs of taxpayers.

Tim has been an anti-tax champion throughout his time in public office. As a state legislator, he earned the "Tax Ax" award for fighting off the state income tax. As mayor of Knox County, Tim refused to budge when special-interests tried to raise our property taxes. He successfully killed the property tax increase and refused to raise taxes throughout his eight-year tenure. Tim also introduced fiscally responsible budgets that built up Knox County's reserves for tough times. He saved taxpayers millions of dollars by introducing efficiencies in government, getting rid of waste even in his own office, and selling and privatizing several government buildings and services.


Tim Burchett believes in the public's right to know, and will oppose efforts to restrict our Freedom of Information Act. As County Mayor he led the effort to eliminate charges for copies of county records.

He feels public bodies should meet in public and not behind closed doors. He believes TVA Board committee meetings should be open to the public...not just the Board meetings. Much of the real business of TVA goes on at the committee level.